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Adaptone - 30 Caps - NeoGenesis Health

    Adaptone - 30 Caps

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    Mental Focus


    Adaptone has been created for the overworked and overstressed. It helps to address the demands placed on the body by a busy modern life.


    A powerful adaptogen formula for optimal mental & physical wellbeing.


    Specially formulated for:

    • Stress management
    • Energy and vitality
    • Adrenal support
    • Hormonal balance
    • Mental stamina
    • Cognitive function



    • Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) ... 4.5g*
    • Tribulus terrestris (Tribulus) ... 4.5g*
    • Vinca minor (Lesser Periwinkle) ... 1.5g*

    * Organic herbal extract, 100mg extract equal to 1.5g dry herb.


    Pack Size:

    30 capsules


    Directions for use:

    Take 1 capsule 1-2x daily, or as directed by a health practitioner.



    If you have a medical condition, or taking any medication, consult your health practitioner before starting any new medicine or supplement.

    Not suitable for use during pregnancy & lactation.


    This formula supports optimal performance by addressing three essential key areas:

    1. Brain and Cognitive Function: Vinca Minor

    2. Adrenal and HPTA: Ashwaganda

    3. Hormonal (Endocrine): Tribulus Terrestrius


    We all need to perform at our peak. For that to happen our cognitive function needs to be on top form, our adrenals need to be able to manage stress hormone output and not deplete themselves and our hormonal system originating from adrenal DHEA output as well as general hormonal function needs to be preserved and enhanced.


    Clinical Research Indiciation for Vinca Minor - A Proven NooTropic:


    1. Improves memory, long- and short-term
    2. Enhances alertness, awareness, and preparedness
    3. Acts as a neuroprotector
    4. Prevents or reverses ischemic (lack of oxygen) damage to brain, muscle, liver, and elsewhere
    5. Diminishes senile cerebral dysfunction
    6. Prevents or relieves hearing loss due to various causes
    7. Improves night vision
    8. Prevents or improves age-related macular decline
    9. Diminishes atherosclerotic plaque
    10. Improves cardiac output and nutritive blood flow to various organs
    11. Improves dilation of blood vessels
    12. Increases the flexibility of red blood cells
    13. Scavenges toxic metals in the body, such as aluminum and lead


    Clinical Research Indiciation for Ashwaganda - A Proven Class A Adaptogen:


    1. Proven to improve resistance to stress - Anxiety and stress management
    2. Proven cognitive enhancing affects - memory and mood
    3. General neuroprotective
    4. Significantly lowers corstisol levels
    5. Proven lower inflammation and CRP levels
    6. Proven antioxidant upregulation catalyst
    7. Proven immune support effects when user physical / emotional stress
    8. Failure to thrive
    9. Stabilizes blood sugar in organisms under stress
    10. Protects the heart from damaging effects of stress
    11. Supports hormone and endocrine balance


    Research proves Tribulus as an Adapotogen - Nourishing Liver / Kidneys and Adrenals:


    1. Increases endurance
    2. Aphrodisiac in men and women
    3. Increase general physical well-being and strength
    4. Improves libido affected by stress
    5. Used for convalescense and debility in men and women
    6. Improves mood
    7. Deeper more restful sleep
    8. General Tonic





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