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Welcome to the home of NeoGenesis Health Premium Wellness Products.

We pride ourselves on being a company completely distinct to other health product companies in the market globally. Our power lies in our ability to control the whole supply chain in the production of our very UNIQUE, DISTINCT and POWERFUL herbal, nutritional and health products!

We develop, source, grow, and manufacture from the ground up with the foremost experts in all specialized fields globally! We are SPECIAL and are products are SPECIAL because we can claim that we are:

  • 100% Proudly South African
  • 100% Organically grown on our own partner farm – No herbicides, fungicides, insecticides used.
  • We use special compost for our herbal medicines created by our earthworm factory which increases the nutrient value, growth, health, healing components and vibrancy of our herbs. A healthy plant makes superior medicine!!
  • Our herbal extracts are manufactured with our own uniquely developed extraction process, that is gaining world acclaim and interest because of 100% yield in extraction, without the use of harsh and toxic solvents used in industrial commercial.  It is called fractional distillation extraction, and there has been much interest from Dutch and German groups who have now been using our expertise!

There is significant residue left behind by other toxic solvents and high heat processing of these plants destroys a large portion of it’s healing ability, not to mention the 
health implications of various chemicals used in the process that accumulate in the body.

We also use unique ULTRASONIC extraction, complete 100% organic solvent extraction with farm grown ethanol, and then we fractionally distill our extract to concentrate the extract to whichever potency we require, we can concentrate up to a 50:1 extract, however our research has show anything more that is not absorbed by body and is a waste.

  • During our extraction we concentrate the extracts to at least 10 times the strength in some cases maintaining a full spectrum of all the active therapeutic components.
  • Our drying process is gentle and natural and does not compromise the integrity of healing actives.
  • Currently we grow over 40 species of plants but only 20 have been made into extracts and capsule medicines and combined into synergistic formula’s for various ailments.

We will launch products in a phased process.

  •  We stabilize and preserve and enhance the absorption of our extracts in a proprietary based of BARLEY GRASS, IONIC TRACE MINERALS, and FULVIC Acids.
  • RESULTS!! – Our products WORK! And they work extremely well if applied in the right way.
  • Unique niche products – We have addressed many of the main ailments afflicting the world and many herbs are not mainstream thus do not have to compete with less superior yet better marketed products!
  • Manufactured by a technical expert that has 40 years experience manufacturing herbal medicines
  • Processes and product quality overseen by a Master International Herbalist qualified in CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE, AYURVEDIC HERBAL MEDICINE, and a globally respected Homeopathic Doctor!


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