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                10 Important Reasons Why Our Tinctures are so Special:

                  1. All our tinctures are between 1:3 and 1:5 extract strength, compared to the 1:10 tinctures that are commercially available. This makes our formulations 2-3 times stronger, ensuring high potency and efficacy.

                  2. Extracted in a base of Solé water + ethanol.


                  3. Enhanced and energised by the addition of concentrated ionic trace minerals. Solé water and ionic minerals form a powerful alkaline base and transport system.


                  4. Specifically formulated to successfully address the most prevalent live and dry blood anomalies.


                  5. Tested over time in live blood patients to ensure the most effective combination of ingredients.


                  6. Formulas are comprehensive and multi-angled as treatments on their own, but can also be combined successfully in protocols.


                  7. Only the highest quality and organic botanical derivatives are used in our products, sourced from reputable suppliers across the world, including many grown organically on our partner farm.


                  8. Control of freshness, potency & formulation. Freshness of the herb is of prime importance to the quality of the final tincture. Our tinctures are made with the freshest organically grown, wild-crafted herbs. The correct interaction of menstruum (mixture of pure ethyl-alcohol and water) with the herb assures the tincture’s potency and efficacy.


                  9. Purity: There are no additives, preservatives, fillers and other unnecessary ingredients in our tinctures. Check the labels of capsules and tablets and you will find fillers, binders and other synthetic materials.


                  10. Synergy of ingredients: A true formula as a tincture delivers a greater healing power than a single herb

                  Tincture Range (15)

                  Adrenin 50ml

                  R 178.16 ZAR

                  Alkazen 50ml

                  R 178.16 ZAR

                  Candecel 50ml

                  R 178.16 ZAR

                  Chelatal 50ml

                  R 178.16 ZAR

                  Digestal 50ml

                  R 178.16 ZAR

                  Hepaton 50ml

                  R 178.16 ZAR

                  Immucil 50ml

                  R 178.16 ZAR

                  Lymphlux 50ml

                  R 178.16 ZAR

                  Nephrocil 50ml

                  R 178.16 ZAR

                  Parastil 50ml

                  R 178.16 ZAR

                  Toxicon 50ml

                  R 178.16 ZAR

                  Insulin Resistance Formula 200ml

                  R 525.15 ZAR

                  Lamaria tincture 50ml

                  R 249.44 ZAR

                  Ceraflow tincture 50ml

                  R 249.44 ZAR

                  Brainiac Tincture 50ml

                  R 236.50 ZAR
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