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Skin and Bone

by Rory Jean-Jacques on December 02, 2020

Arthritis, joint inflammation, degeneration in the joints, stiffness, soreness, inability for proper mobility is a big concern for the majority of the senior and aging population across the world. 

There are many forms of arthritis. And one of the most common ones is just general stiffness, inability to move as well as you would like, decreased mobility, when you get up in the morning it takes about 30 minutes for the creaking to shift. 

One of the more progressive or degenerative forms of arthritis is osteoarthritis, where the cartilage and the cushioning in between your joints actually starts to wear down, and you have bone on bone which can create the most incredible pain, the most incredible stiffness and inflammation which is hot to touch. 

So arthritic-related issues, stiffness, soreness, joint inflammation, is a major challenge that a lot of people suffer with. Even if you are just a weekend warrior or involved in high impact sports, or you have June, you've been a runner, rugby player, or involved in forms of martial arts like I am, I do lots of Jiu Jitsu and lots of kickboxing. It's a very, very, very heavy impact on the joints. And because of this, people are looking for solutions that help ameliorate stiffness, soreness, inflammation that help protect the joints. 

Because of the amount of martial arts that I do in Jiu Jitsu, I was always sore after intensive workouts, I was always inflamed, my recovery would take time. So I was looking for solutions that would help me in my own personal capacity. Something that I see very often with my patients is constant pain and soreness from your muscles to joints to tendons and the structure of our body, the joints that help maintain movement and mobility. 

As we start to get older, they degenerate, and you start to get chronic inflammatory related disorders of the joints. Some of the main causes of joint inflammation and joint degeneration is our diet. We eat high amounts of lectins in our food and the high lectin based foods are your things like lentils, grains like corn, wheat, various forms of oils, such as your poofers, your polyunsaturated fatty acids. Those are your sunflower oils, your canola oils, your cotton seed oils, your soil oils contain a fatty acid profile which is a very reactive oil. 

And when that oil is heated or it makes its way into the body, it's pro inflammatory, creates inflammation in the body. And as we start to get older the general wear and tear on your joints becomes very pronounced and you start to realize your stiffness, soreness, inflammation in the joints, your ability to move, your ability to have quality of life becomes impaired. And as we become more senior, and as we start to age, that cushioning and that lubrication in the joints becomes less and less. 

What kind of solutions are there at there? 

Millions of joint related products, some only work on inflammation like curcumin, others will address the building blocks within the joint such as glucosamine and chondroitin. Even things that also support inflammation like things like MSM, it's an organic sulfur called methylsulfonylmethane, and a big trend that's come around these days is collagen. Everybody's using oral collagen to try and support the structure and integrity of their joints, their tendons, their muscles, their skin. 

As we start to get older, our body's ability to turn over collagen and our body's ability to regenerate our joint and our collagen tissue becomes less and less. This is why we age, this is why our joints don't repair themselves, this is why we start to get stiffness and soreness within the joint. So over the years, working with clients, working with patients, working with practitioners, a lot of the products that we work with, we always found lacking, we always found we weren't getting the results that we were looking for. 

We searched the world over to try and find something that was simple, of low dose, clinically proven, had all the results for improving all the markers in joint health. And those are increased mobility, reduction in pain, less stiffness, but would also provide the building blocks to help the joints actually recapture lost collagen. 

And there's something that we discovered called NEM, natural eggshell membrane. 

When you open an egg, between the shell and between the actual egg yolk is a membrane, that inner membrane. They did research on it, they hydrolyzed it, which means they broke it down through a special digestive process into very smaller complexes that your body could absorb it. And they found that within 30 days, 74% improvement in your pain inflammation, 40% improvement in mobility that went through significant clinical studies, you only need one capsule a day. 

It creates no side effects to your gut lining like traditional anti-inflammatories. So when you've got joint related issues, what do people do? They reach for prescription or over the counter anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and various other forms of oral anti-inflammatories on the allopathic side. Those have a range of different side effects, they create inflammation in the gut lining, they affect your liver health, and there can be a range of other side effects. Also, it's not something that you can take on a daily basis. 

But if that pain and inflammation is so severe, what do you do? What solutions are out there? 

Natural eggshell membrane which is the main active ingredient in Ortho-Flex. 

Our top selling joint repair, joint management, joint inflammation management product has been an absolute game changer for thousands of our clients, and for practitioners that constantly work with senior patients that have got joint degenerative issues one capsule a day, they found in clinical studies that the urine output of a specific marker that shows collagen degeneration in your joints drops to almost absolutely nil when using natural eggshell membrane. 

Something so simple, something so powerful, something so effective that's been through clinical study. If you're suffering with stiffness, soreness of your joints, inflammation, you're struggling to get up in the mornings, you're finding often tense workouts that the inflammation is just too high. You have a family member, a senior family member that's struggling with arthritis, osteoarthritis, degeneration in the joints, they're constantly complaining about how sore they are, how inflamed they are. What their pain levels are, they haven't got that mobility. 

Ortho-Flex is a highly effective product with no side effects. It's something that you can use every single day, one capsule a day. You don't need to take a whole bunch of capsules like you need to take with glucosamine or chondroitin, and those can even have other side effects like they can affect your blood pressure. Simple effect of product. 

Guys, if you have any questions, any queries, any kind of inputs, please drop us a comment. 

Please drop us a DM. We're here to help you, we're here to serve your health.

This is what we do every single day, we live and we breathe it. We are absolutely passionate about improving your health and finding optimal solutions so that you can experience optimal life.

Dr Rory

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