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Immune Support for the Holidays

by Rory Jean-Jacques on December 21, 2020

With everything that's been going on with coronavirus, I thought I would drop in and give you guys some tools and tips and things that you can arm yourself with, so that you guys can build your immunity and protect yourself against this virus.

Epidemiology models are showing that 70% of the world's population will have coronavirus within the next three years. So if you have a look at that, it's not a chance of if you're gonna get it, it's a chance of when you're gonna get it. 

What are the things that you can do to protect yourself? 

Number one, you need to be able to build your immunity and they're number of things that you can do in terms of lifestyle, in terms of food, in terms of supplementation, because coronavirus is a virus, it's not a bacteria, it can't be killed by antibiotics, so it needs to be treated with antiviral medicines. 

There's a huge global shortage of medicines, so what are you going to do? 

How are you going to protect yourself? 

How you're going to arm yourself? 

Now one of the simplest things that you can do is basic lifestyle, eat clean, okay. Eat from the fresh isle, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, okay, and get as much sunshine as you can. You need to be drinking alkaline water. A lot of research is showing that the more alkaline your system is, the more oxygenated your system is, the less chance the virus has to take hold in your system.

So some of the simplest ways that you can do that is Epsom salt and bicarb baths. Lots of fresh fruits, lots of citrus fruits. Some of the foods that are highest in immune building minerals are Brazil nuts, extremely high in selenium. South Africa has some of the lowest selenium levels in the world. As well as you need to be getting large amounts of zinc. Zinc you'll get from pumpkin seeds, as well as from canned oysters. 

So these are some of the simple things that you can do on a daily basis, to help support your immunity in terms of supplementation there's a long list of immune boosting herbs, which have been used for 1000's of years and so many of them have gone through clinical research, that the research is there, with their effect on supporting immunity. These are things that you take on a daily basis to support and build your immune system. 

Now, one of my prime herbs that you'll be using is echinacea. One of the brands that I recommend would be Echinaforce. You can get it at pretty much pharmacies all across the country, this is something that you wanna be taking on a daily basis. 

The next most important would be astragalus. Been used for 1000's of years by the Chinese for shortness of breath, recurrent chronic viral infections, low immunity, low energy, this is something that you use preventatively. They're things that you can use, like colostrum. Colostrum comes from the first milking of cows, it's very, very high in something called immunoglobulin A IG, And that is what your body uses to build antibodies against viral infections and protect your immune system, okay. The next most important immune boosting herb would be paud'arco, which is one of my absolute favorites. And you could be using things like beta glucans. Okay, there're lots of good brands in South Africa that have beta glucans. 

The next that you'd wanna be using in that as well is elderberry. These are a range of herbal medicines that have got significant research around it and will make a phenomenal difference to your immunity. 

Other things that you need to be looking at, is looking at gut health. 70% of your body's immune system sits in your gut lining, and is driven by the balance of your microbiome, which are your good bacteria, okay. You want to be using a probiotic that has a wide number of strains, so that you can get a wide range of immune factors. 

Next thing on the list would be humic or fulvic acids, specifically fulvic acids. Extremely powerful at up regulating immunity and inhibiting bio regular replication. So it's something that you would really want to get your hands on. You can also get it nationally anywhere across the country. You can also look online. 

So this is all preventative, great. So these are things you can use on a daily basis. 

  • What happens if you get coronavirus? 
  • And what happens if you start presenting with symptoms? 
  • What happens if health systems are overwhelmed? 
  • Like what's happened in Italy and completely overwhelmed they quarantine people at home? You're in quarantine, you're in self isolation, what do you do? 
  • How do you self medicate yourself? 
  • How do you treat yourself? 
  • And what if you can't afford prescription medicines like Tamiflu? 

A lot of the research that's been coming out and a lot of the results that they've been having, is a combination of Tamiflu and chloroquine, with various antiretrovirals. 

Now all the ARV's have been held back, everyone's holding onto the stuff, so it's very, very difficult to get hold of it. 

If you're 60 plus, you're at a very, very, very high risk of serious complications with coronavirus. Anyone below that could have it bad, but it won't be as severe as what it would be for someone that's a senior. 

So guys, look after your seniors, okay. 

Make sure that you're sanitizing, make sure that you're getting immunonutrients into their system. Another major risk factor, are people that are smokers. Because the virus is targeted specifically to your lung tissue, and very, very quickly it can move to viral pneumonia in very quick succession. 

That's why people start presenting early with shortness of breath and inability to breath because it creates a very quick inflammation within the lungs, and that can progress to viral pneumonia and this is why they're having a very, very high fatality rate. 

So smokers, very high risk, asthmatics, very high risk. 

People that are overweight and people that are hypotensive or combination of all of those. Diabetics and senior diabetics need to be particularly aware, because this virus can wreck havoc with your blood sugar levels and elevated blood sugar levels can cause your kidneys to shut down, so you need to be very, very, very careful, especially if you're 60 plus, all right. So, we've spoken about some of the preventative ways to do it, but what happens if you are stuck in quarantine and you need to self medicate yourself? 

How do you arm yourself with a rage of different, clinically proven herbal medicines, that can give you a fighting change to good recovery and can also reduce any other complications or scar tissue damage, that might happen to your lungs? 

So looking at that, I've got my four of five favorite or most effective herbal antivirals, to be used in acute infections. Two of them are South Africa, one is Chinese. 

The first one is something called pelargonium sidoides. So a South African medicinal plant, that's been used for 100's of years for infections. It was used in the Spanish flu pandemic. In the Cape, when settlers arrived here, the sand bushman gave it to the Germans and said, this is what you guys need to drink. Those that drank the tea started recovering and they were absolutely amazed at the affect that this had, on the outcomes of this viral infection. They took it back to Germany, they cultivated it, it's now the biggest selling antiviral flu medicine, in Europe, they sold billions of dollars a year of it, and it's South African and no one knows about it in South Africa. 

I've seen it with pneumonia's, bronchitis's, TB's, influenza's. I used it during the swine flu pandemic, the bird flu pandemic and I watched some of the most amazing recoveries from viral infections, specifically chest related. I'm not just saying this anecdotally, there's significant, clinical research around this. Pelargonium sidoides, one of my favorites. 

Next would be sutherlandia, also a South African medicinal plant. Phenomenal antiviral activity. It's traditionally been used in wasting disorders, such as cancer, to support your immunity, as well as in HIV, to lower viral count and increase CD4 count. Some clients respond extremely well to it and I've had very, very good results over the years. 

But again, this combination of sutherlandia and pelargonium in chest and viral infections, I have seen the most incredible results. It's something that should be readily available across the country, in most pharmacies, okay. 

The third one would be echinacea. But not small doses. If you've got an infection, you need to be using a few doses. If you're using the drops, you need to be dosing 20 to 30 drops every two hours or so. 

So don't waste time, stock up, get enough of it, dose it every single hour, okay. 

My fourth favorite herb, which should actually be the first one that I spoke about, because the results have been better than all of the others combined, is Chinese wormwood, otherwise known as artemisia annua. I've been in discussions with my professors. 

My herbal professors in China, and they've been saying that their outcomes that they've been having, in concomitant use with allelopathic prescription medicines and treatments, the patients that have been using herbal medicine, have a 75 to 80% faster recovery and recovery, than those that don't use the complimentary medicine in conjunction. You need to do whatever it takes to support your immunity and to treat it. It's not gonna interfere with any of your prescription medicines. 

So Chinese wormwood artemisia annua. Been used for 1000's of years by the Chinese and they patent medicines to reduce fever, but all the research has been coming out that it has some of the most powerful antiviral effects. It's been used for malaria for many, many years, and funny enough, the primary treatment for coronavirus on western medical modalities, is chloroquine. Which was used for malaria for many, many years and they're finding it extremely effective. 

So Chinese wormwood, artemisia annua, it's grown here in South Africa. A lot of shops will carry it, but specifically the Chinese wormwood, artemisia annua, and in high doses. There are good brands that carry it in South Africa. It breaks fever, it has broad spectrum antibacterial, as well as antiviral effects. It also supports the body’s immune response, which are your macrophages, they're like little pacmen, that go round and they engulf viruses and they stop the progression and replication. 

One of my favorite herbs, I've had feedback from practitioners across the country that have worked with it and that have lectured on it, that it's their primary treatment, far superior to anything else for infections. So you definitely wanna get hold of that and you wanna be also dosing. Therapeutic dose is extremely important. Two capsules, three times a day or more, depending on the quality of the extract that you get, okay. 

Next in this list on that would be andrographis, paud'arco, as well as black cumin seed, otherwise known as black seed extract.

You might have challenges getting access to some of these, this is why I'm giving you a longer list. Try and get two or three of the immune support products that I spoke about, and two to three or four of the treatment of acute infections, so that you've got a base. 

So that you can treat yourself, keep your immune system high, which can number one, be preventative and improve your recovery. Number three, you've got your ammo pack, so that if you do get coronavirus, you can treat it in conjunction with whatever allelopathic treatment you might be able to get access to. 

So guys, this has fundamentally changed how we interact with the world. I think, as much as everything is changing, in terms of the economy and in terms of supply chains, I think there's a huge amount of good that's gonna come out of this. A lot of people are gonna be spending a lot more time at home. People are gonna be cocooning, people are gonna be spending a lot more time with family. You know, people are gonna have a lot of time to get creative. You know, pollution is already dropping worldwide. 

So as much as there's a huge amount of panic and a huge amount of fear, you need to realize that it's purely a matter of perspective and you need to realize that there are two side to the coin as equal amount of perceived negatives there are, there's an equal amount of positive that comes out of it, that creates significant change for us as a race. 

Be kind to your fellow man, look after each other. 

Get your immune nutrients in. I'm available online, for consultations, for advice. My patients have been phoning me from all over the world. So many of them have been coming in for their chest mixers, which they know have fixed them of things for all of the years. 

We've been through these things before, we will get through this. It will pass, it's just about getting through smoothly and making sure we come through on the other side happy, healthy and well. 

I'm Dr Rory, thanks so much for reading. I have so much passion for health and wellness. 

Share this with your friends, far and wide, you never know the difference that it might make. You never know who's life it might save. Share it on your social media. 

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