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Clinically Studied Mood Modulating Probiotic - BlissFlora

by Rory Jean-Jacques on November 02, 2020

Today I want to share about something which is very near and dear to my heart, which is how your gut health influences your cognitive function. 

Science has shown us that 80% of your brain chemicals your neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, serotonin, citicoline, are produced in your gut lining. Dopamine is your get up and go, your willpower, your motivation, your serotonin is your happy hormone, you're feeling happy and at peace with life. You citocoline is your short-term memory. You know, the ability to recall when you need to. 

Now there's so many lifestyle factors: 

  • what we eat, 
  • excess stress, 
  • wifi, 
  • and various kinds of external radiation
  • wheat and gluten, eat the gut lining and create inflammation
  • dairy
  • alcohol
  • various kinds of foods high in lectins, 
  • medications such as anti-inflammatories, 
  • antibiotics, 
  • glyphosate, which is sprayed on our foods, which is a type of herbicide and various other forms of pesticide 

disrupt your gut ecology otherwise known as the microbiome

Now how many people do you know that always complain of digestive issues? 

Probably one of the number one things I treat. And then on top of that, anxiety, depression, brain fog, cognitive decline, is probably one of the biggest issues that we deal with in natural medicine as well as even in allopathic medicine. If you look at the amount of antidepressants that people consume, the amount of anxiety medications, as well as look at how many stimulants we use, such as, caffeine, tea, chocolate, to try and get our dopamine up, to try and get that mood and motivation. 

That's got to show you that, people have got inflamed guts, our gut lining and our intestinal lining is so inflamed that we can't produce the right cognitive chemicals. 

If you're suffering from 

  • brain fog 
  • Melancholia
  • Depression
  • ADD and you can't focus, 
  • and you're not clear,

We need to not look at the brain, we need to look at the inflammation in your gut lining. 

And there are a number of things that you can do in terms of supplements. And one of the things that we've pioneered and that we looked for, that we were looking for an effective solution to treat and repair that inflammation in the gut lining, and help with the increase in your cognitive clarity, and help to improve how your neurons communicate. And we traveled the world over and we found a specific strain of probiotic called PS23. And this was research out of about a thousand different kinds of plant probiotics. And they did research with mice that were in a depressed model. 

These mice were theoretically depressive because of the dopamine levels and their serotonin levels. And they fed them this probiotic, and they then started investigating their enclosures and they started becoming more adventurous and they started showing less signs of anxiety and their blood levels of cortisol, which is the stress hormone started to drop and then noticed increased levels in something called BDNF, which is called brain derived neurotrophic factor. 

This is basically what your body uses to build new neurons. 

So you're giving a probiotic and your body's basically growing a new brand. It was absolutely mind blowing. And they realized the clinical implications for this, was so vast in issues like ASD, which is autism spectrum disorder and Parkinson's, which is a dopamine deficiency in the nervous system. Now we look at gut issues and dopamine, maybe that relates, in modern medicine and even in herbal medicine, we are always treating dopamine in the brain. So now we start looking at say, how is the gut health? 

And this is where PS23 comes in, which was created into a product called Blissflora, as in the chemicals that your body produces, so serotonin and dopamine give you a state of feeling blissful. So Blissflora, and flora, as in the gut ecology, the microbiome in the gut. 

This particular strain of probiotic with PS23, we've seen the most remarkable results, in mood, energy and all the symptoms around digestion. 

If you are having issues with cognitive function, depression, ADD, low get up and go, feeling moody and teary, and you know that you have got digestive related symptoms. This is something that you can consider trying. I've seen the most incredible results in practice. We get the most amazing feedback from doctors, and pharmacists, and other practitioners and homeopaths from across the country, as well as across the world, as to the effects that this is having in children with mood disorders and learning disorders, in senior people with cognitive decline, dementia, a range of different things. So this can be used as an adjunctive support. 

We wouldn't use it as a treatment, but this is a supplement of food, and a good bacteria, not a bad bacteria. So pro meaning life, that can contribute to helping you think clearer, function at an optimal level mentally. And it's gonna have a host of benefits for digestion, absorption. 

If you're overstressed, and you're extremely anxious, which is about 98% of our country because of the world we live in, and the amount of stress we're under, with the amount of social media, where you've got lock downs, and we've got COVID viruses, and we've got all these kinds of things, this creates a latent stress where your body increases the amount of stress hormone called cortisol. Now with research, they found that when they gave this probiotic to rats, their cortisol levels dropped significantly in urine output. 

How amazing that a microbe known as a psychobiotic, psycho and biotic meaning a bacteria for life, can have such an amazing effect on how you function in the world. A mood microbe, a mood modulating probiotic. So most of us will use probiotics just for digestive health. But if you've got a cognitive related issue, you can take a specific probiotic that's gonna benefit your digestion but it's also gonna benefit how your mind and how your brain functions. I think that there's gonna be so much more pioneering research going forward. This particular extract has been snapped up by pharmaceutical companies across the world. 

Us as Neogenesis, were able to secure the rights for it for Africa. And we've seen the most wonderful results with it. 

And I really think if you're having challenges with this as something that you can consider and if you have any further questions or anything, please just drop a comment, hit us up on our Facebook page, send us an email, and the Neogenesis team will be happy to give you any feedback or any input that you might need in terms of dosing, in terms of particular issues that you might be working with. 

We love what we do. We live it, we breathe it, and we're here to serve you and your health needs.

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