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A Good Night's Sleep is Within Reach

by Rory Jean-Jacques on January 06, 2021

A major concern in modern society is the inability to sleep, insomnia. 

How many of you have experienced, even now one, in one way shape or form poor quality sleep? 

The inability, number one, to get to sleep or you do get to sleep, but you have disturbed sleep. 

So you're not able to maintain sufficient sleep. Wake up, racing mind, worrying about multiple different things. 

We live in a lifestyle and a world of burnout with excess of stimuli and stress from multiple different angles. 

  • Economic stress, 
  • emotional relationship stress, 
  • physical health, 
  • financial related stresses. 

These things all weigh on the mind, weigh on the subconscious mind that also increase the alarm and stress response, the fight or flight response within the body. When it comes time for the part of your nervous system to calm down your body, you have two different kinds of nervous systems, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. 

The one is what wakes you up and keeps you going during the day, but it can become overstimulated and over energized the too much charge and electricity running through your nervous system that other nervous system get bullied and it can't come in and say, calm, it's time to rest. It's time to sleep. You know, it's time for things to dial down. So you sit there, wide awake, overstressed, and you're not able to switch off, you're not able to get the quality deep sleep. 

Now I have found that if you're not getting sufficient sleep your body's not repairing itself. Your body is not detoxifying itself. You are not healing. You're not restoring and building back up your stress coping chemicals. 

So you wake up the next day, you feel exhausted, even though you've supposedly slept. So also quality of sleep is very, very important. So although you might sleep seven or eight hours you wake up and you feel shattered. It takes you time to get going. You're not getting into the right rhythm of sleep and the right brainwave of sleep to get that restoration. So you wake up feeling exhausted and you go through the day. This can continue for days, weeks, months, years. 

Where people are constantly suffering with chronic insomnia, they take prescription medications, they try and do a range of different things to try and get a good night's quality sleep, it's major challenge. I've been through it myself, many, many times with multiple things that have happened in my life, and if I can't get quality sleep I'm not a functional human. Not a happy human, and I'm not the kind of human you wanna be around when I haven't slept. 

So what are some of the major causes? 

  • Excessive stimulants like caffeine, 
  • excessive social media, 
  • stressful work environments. 

We're all under stress. We have stress from every single angle. Stress is heightened stress hormones in the system like cortisol, they don't allow your body to switch off. 

So what are some of the solutions? 

I think over-the-counter anti anxiety meds, over-the-counter sleep products are booming the world over because of the amount of anxiety and the amount of stress and psychological pressure that people are under because of economic issues, lock downs, marital related issues. 

Even if your body is physically unwell or you've got some kind of infection in the system, your body goes into an alarm state and it can't rest, it can't switch off, what are some of the solutions that can be done? 

One of the simple things is you can have an Epsom salts bath. So you get Epsom salts, half a kilo of Epsom salts put in your bath that magnesium absorbs into your skin. You can also take a magnesium supplement orally, something also very simple is a bit of lavender drops in your bath or on your pillow. 

On another side, there are multiple different kinds of herbal sleep aids that you can use. Something that we've worked with for many many years as a solution, because this is something we see very very frequently with our patients and we find that other practitioners that we teach and train very, very big challenge that people are having is they can't sleep. 

What is our answer? 

What is a solution to help with number one, getting to sleep, number two, staying to sleep, number three, getting quality sleep? Us at NeoGenesis Health wanted to create a formula that could do exactly this. Which when you woke up, you felt refreshed, you weren't groggy, there were no major negative side effects, was able to give you a good quality night's sleep. And through this, we tested multiple different formulations, various herbal and nutraceutical and vitamin combinations until we struck a combination that worked so well for us and worked so well for our patients that we decided to bring it to you. 

And that product is called Nightcaps. 

It's got a range of various herbal extracts in it. Valerian, lemon balm, passionflower, lavender have all been shown to calm the nervous system, calm the mind, help lower your stress hormones, help increase a calming neurotransmitter called GABA. It will help you get to sleep, number one, it will also help you have sustained sleep, it helps to support and nourish the nervous system, it's very, very soothing, it's very calming, it's very nurturing and we get the most incredible results and most incredible feedback with it. 

It's something that depending on what's happening in my life with stress, I use on an off as and when I need it. We've had people using it for many, many years, people that rely on it to help them get a good night's quality sleep. 

So if you're having challenges with anxiety and you can't sleep this is something that you can consider. It won't interfere with any kinds of medication that you're on. It's very well tolerated, there are no real major side effects. 

We created this so that you can have a quality night's sleep. So if you guys have any questions, any queries, any inputs that you would like, please drop us a comment, please drop us a DM. 

We're here to serve you. We're here to help your health. We are absolutely passionate about your health and making sure that you can experience optimal health and as a result, optimal vibrancy of life.

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